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Hello friends,

As I type this little welcome note, the website prompts "tell them something about yourself". I smile at this, because what I know about me is exactly what I know about you. It is this: We all have everything we need within us to meet every given moment, and to live a life of well-being despite the conditions we find ourselves in.

Sometimes we need another to point us home to this inner wisdom. That is what I love to do in this community.

So whether you want to meditaton, relax, ease a pain in your body or heart, or inquire into life's bigger quesitons such as "who am I? "...I am here for you.

As they say, there are no dumb questions. Your questions and reflections will support others and will help steer the trajectory of this heart-based community.

So jump in here whenever you'd like. My goal is that it is a safe place for you to come home to .

With love,



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Julie Seibt

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