Julie at the Lake



The Four Facets of Your Loving Heart by Julie Seibt

Explore the four sublime emotions that are inherent within you. Loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity are yours to nourish, cultivate and share.

They are stabilizing forces when life gets turbulent, and they are our gifts to the world.

In this podcast learn more about these emotions, how to recognize them and grow their power. A brief meditation practice is included.

Why We Need to Feel, Even When it Hurts

Life can be hard. Our human tendency to is push away, ignore, medicate or distract ourselves from emotional or physical pain. By doing so, are we missing our greatest opportunities for growth? Do we wonder why we get stuck? Feeling is healing. To fully face whatever is arising, we need to know we can be safe and not take on more than we are ready for in the moment. We need support from the deepest part of our being. Start the shift to feeling and healing with this important podcast.

Time For Your Parents To Consider A Move? What You Need To Know

Considering retirement housing options for your aging parents, loved ones, or yourself?

In this interview master herbalist, nutritional therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner and regional manager for the largest group of senior residences in Canada, Simmi Latulippe, helps us discern the signs of when extra care is needed, what levels of care are available and other key points to consider. Simmi and I share some of our own joys and challenges of caring for aging loved ones…and ourselves in the process.

Reconecting to your essence on retreat and at home, with Anne Douglas

Are you losing your lustre under the demands of daily life?  Learn why stepping away, especially into nature,  is vital to our well-being.  Reconnect to your Essence, aliveness and effervescence in this interview with Anne Douglas and a 7-minute, Four Elements meditation.