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Financial Assistance:


The wisdom of yoga is for everyone. 

In order to enhance accessibility, we offer a sliding scale on private sessions as well as tuition/accommodation subsidies for retreats. 

We stand for Justice, Anti-racism, Indigenous Rights, and Human Rights and carry out our offerings from a Trauma sensitive foundation. The central tenet of the teachings of yoga is that we are not separate. We are never alone. 


At Body Mind Ease, we are dedicated to our own lifelong studentships and we acknowledge that this requires us to remain open to acknowledging our mistakes, learning, evolving, and growing. 


Considerations in applying for subsidized Body Mind Ease services:

Are you: 

-       Supporting children as a single parent or have other dependents

-       Experiencing discrimination based on caste &/or race

-       Experiencing financial hardship

-       Unable to work due to a medical condition

-       Experiencing instability in home or food


Consider making space for someone else to benefit from a scholarship, if you:

-       Have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

-       Have access to disposable income for recreation, including travel

-       Work part-time or are unemployed by choice

Please note these are general considerations to help you understand our intention of subsidies. . Each individual situation isn't often encapsulated so simply. If in doubt, please contact Julie.


If you would like to apply for a subsidy, or  you would like to support someone to receive subsidization of Julie's offerings, please reach out to

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