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Breath of life Retreat
Bragg Creek, Alberta
An immersion i
nto life-enriching, evidence-based breath practices, therapeutic movement, and meditation. 
Julie Seibt

November 3 - 5, 2023
Friday pm- Sunday


Is your radiance shining abundantly through your eyes, physical body and actions? Or is it time to reclaim all that you are through self-care, personal inquiry and fun?

Do you yearn to connect with community, your deeper self, vitality, joy, or calm? Maybe your answer is all of these.


When life throws us the tough stuff, like climate change, pandemics, personal loss, physical challenges, and worry, the toll it takes on our nervous system, body, and mind is real.  We can lose our lust for life.


Just as real is our essence, which is grounded, clear, trusting, and peaceful. Recognition of our essential nature is like an outrigger that stabilizes a boat. It helps us navigate the waves with confidence, keeps us from 'going under' in otherwise overwhelming conditions, and allows us to open to the flow of life with more trust, ease, and joy. 


The tough stuff of life doesn't have to go away in order to feel at ease.  With the recognition of our true heart, we can relate to the most difficult circumstances in a way that supports health and well-being on all levels. And, we can more easily open to natural joy, and shine on as we are meant to. 


This retreat is dedicated to reconnection to your essential well-being, a return to radiance through:

Personalized breathing techniques for your wellness goals

Movement: Gentle and purposeful therapeutic, somatic sensing and yoga

Meditation: iRest® Yoga Nidra and forest immersion meditation 

Nourishment: Gluten-free, vegan, deeply satisfying. meals with Chef Nikki. 

Community: Small and safe. Max 12 guests.

"A lovely, quiet and healing weekend.  It was truly exactly what I needed." 

J. Daniels


The retreat will begin Friday afternoon with a warm welcome, orientation to the facilities, and getting to know your fellow retreat participants.  A pot of fall soup will welcome you.  Our first practice will include breath discovery and gentle somatic therapy to fully arrive with body, mind, and heart. Then a practice for welcoming sleep will prepare you for a good night's rest. 

Wake up the next morning, prepare a mug of coffee, or tea, or sleep a little longer. Go for a stroll in the woods or chat with friends as you munch on fresh fruit. 

Saturday practices begin with gentle meditation, yoga, and pranayama (breathing practice). Whether you have never "done yoga" before or have years of practice, you will be guided to move from your inner wisdom, with kindness. 


Delectable, innovative breakfasts will delight your sense and leave you satiated and light.  


In the late morning, as the forest warms, we immerse ourselves outdoors in the extraordinary power of nature with meditative inquiry. 

Forest meditation prepares us to move indoors for deeply restful and insightful iRest® Yoga Nidra, a meditation that can be done lying down or moving. 

A nutritious and delicious lunch will be served by our chef.  Your tastebuds and body will love this main meal of the day.

Digest with a board game, a good book, or nap, walk in the woods, or drive 5 minutes into town if needed.

Breathing, as a proven stress reliever and a health enhancer, will be the theme throughout the retreat. Afternoon workshops will include:

  • How ancient yoga & contemplative practices use breath control for health & spiritual awakening. 

  • Neuroscience of  breathing

  • Techniques to begin now to achieve your goals for well-being.

  • How to build your practice into a lifelong best friend. 

  • How to measure the results of your breath work. 

  • How to attain similar benefits of cold water plunging through breathing without having to get wet.

  • How does your breath measure up and where to go from here? 

Then, fall into a therapeutic yoga practice that incorporates yoga for your joints and posture, and a chat about sleep. 

A deeply nourishing, delightful dinner will be followed by evening Satsang and meditation. 

Sunday early morning flows similarly to Saturday, with the checkout at 11 a.m.  You might wish to round off your weekend with an afternoon self-guided afternoon, on your own or with retreat friends, in Kananaskis Provincial Park. 

The retreat will be free from alcohol or other intoxicants. Although the Internet will be available, we suggest you take this time for a 'digital detox' as much as it supports your experience. Unplug, kick back and open to the rare opportunity to be held in nature, community, and compassionate leadership.

"I had a very profound healing in one of our yoga nidra sessions .... and it has carried into my life in the most profound ways. I am truly mesmerized. Oh the power of Julie's guidance!!!"  M.C.

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"I arrived at Julie's Bragg Creek Retreat exhausted and left feeling rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed .    Julie led us through breathing exercises, meditation, and various yoga practices, while tuning into each participant’s needs, with magical results.  The  chef fed us delicious, nutritious vegan food.   A fantastic experience!" M. Jones

Home Away from Home


Private forested land, with two large  and cozy log cabins will be your home away from home.


Share a  room with a friend or enjoy as a single.

Think sunny, welcoming and whimsical  spaces to hold you.  

Relax by the fireplace, or in a living room with picture windows  and every-changing views. 


 Stretch out in the solarium style yoga area or curl up in your cozy log-framed bed. 

folk-tree-lodge (1).jpg

Slip into a bath after a relaxing massage or stroll through acres of forested trails.

Location: At the edge of the foothills, 5 minutes from Bragg Creek, Alberta. 55 minutes from Canmore, 30 minutes from Calgary,  One hour to Banff National Park or the heart of Kananaskis Provincial Park.