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Living a Heart-Led Life

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do?

Sometimes the reasons are obvious.

And sometimes it just feels right.

When we follow our heart, the best answer to 'Why?' might be “I don’t know, it just feels right.”

When we follow our head we may justify our choices. This comes with a price.

Justification is a form of thinking. Thinking is limited by past experience and beliefs.

When we connect to our hearts, we break free from limiting thoughts and are open to possibility and potentiality. Our actions take on quality of ease, even when the output requires effort.

Here's an example from my life, that may help you connect more deeply to yours.

I’ve decided to host a retreat close to my home in March. Why?

Because it feels darn good. When I imagine a group gathering in cozy log cabins for transformational inquiry, curiosity and reconnection -individually, in community, and with all life -my heart sings and zings!

And then there are doubts; the amount of detailed planning required, financial risk, and the fear of nobody showing up. The doubts are essentially thoughts; helpful to a point but outshone by the YES of my heart that says do it!

What does your heart say YES to? Reconnect to the ever-present guidance of your heart with support from my meditation, yoga and breathing classes and courses. Each is offered heart-to-heart.

Love yourself into doing what authentically wants to shine through you.

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