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Tending our hearts

Unearthing stuck patterns from my heart feels like a salute to Mother Earth, letting her know I’m preparing for her loving marching orders to come so She can express through me.

In this process, the very practical things seems less effortful. The most dreadful of junk drawers gets organized. My primary relationship shimmers in readiness and a new excitement arises. The weighty projects get completed or tossed. The thrift store benefits. The busyness somehow feels restful.

And at the end of this waning moon cycle, things won’t be perfect. There will still be some cluttered drawers, annoyances, old attachments and sometimes saying “yes” when I mean “no”. I will stumble, but more and more, I smile when I trip over myself.

Like the soil in a garden, life doesn’t have to be sterile and orderly to flourish. It does require attention and care for maximum yield.

Just as a flower might push up through cracked concrete, that which is meant to grow within us, will. And, when we take time to tend to our deepest self, to till the fertile soil of our heart, life springs forth from us with more ease and grace.

May you turn inward to your abiding heart, and blossom outward in your unique brilliance.

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