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Spring into the Hiking Season

Want to hike longer, stronger, with more ease this season? Let's look at what is required by our body.

Imagine a jaguar running. Notice the undulating spine, full breath, smooth leg movements in powerful hips, the stability of the pelvis with an ability to subtly rotate. Paws meet the earth with strength and suppleness, a rebound effect being received with each stride. As humans, our needs for performance, efficiency and ease in hiking are much the same.

Yoga therapy blends the art of yoga with the science of biomechanics. How do your feet connect with the earth? Are you fully receiving the ground force reaction that gives us spring in our step, or is there a diffusion or blockage of that energy? Is your spine supple or stiff? Do your limbs move freely in your joints? Do your shoulders carry you up the hill or do you allow your legs, buttock and hips to do their job? To maximize efficiency we need to feel which muscles are overworking, which need waking up and what it feels like when they work in synchronicity.

Try this movement to foster freedom between the hip and leg: Stand with one foot on a step, wooden block or thick book. Balance yourself with a hand on the wall. Swing the hanging leg forward and back in the hip socket gently. The upper body stays softly still. Notice what happens to the degree or smoothness of the swinging as you soften your belly, connect your foot firmly and evenly to the block. What happens when you connect your foot evenly to the block? What happens when you soften your jaw and your buttock? We will each have different answers to these questions.  Awareness helps us to listen to our body's inner wisdom.

Feeling is healing. Take responsibility for your own ease and power this spring. To learn more, contact Julie to arrange a private session with a home program to suit your needs. Or, gather your hiking buddies for a customized group workshop before heading out on our magnificent mountain trails.

Contact Julie via the contact form on this site (click here): <a href="/contact">julie at

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