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Not sleeping well? You have options.

We've all heard exhaustive lists of reasons for disturbed sleep and the associate detriments to our health. What if we stopped "trying" so hard to sleep and instead, allow sleeplessness itself to be a teacher. What if we were okay with sleeping or not sleeping - whatever comes? What a relief!

A good night's sleep may feel as elusive as an owl - and it can be an opportunity for growth and, believe it or not, deep rest. What if we allow sleeplessness to inform us of our needs, our belief systems, or our very understanding of who we are? One of the most powerful practices that has transformed my relationship to sleep is iRest® Yoga Nidra.


Experience yoga nidra in a private online or in-person session with me or indulge in a deeper exploration in Hawaii

Just when you start being ok with not sleeping - a good night's sleep may come more often than ever. Welcome that!

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