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Meeting the Morning

How did you meet your morning today?

If you woke to an alarm, was it your favorite song, or a blasting "brrrrrr"? What were your first thoughts, movements and tastes? What came first, feelings of gratitude and abundance, or checking the inbox? I must admit to failing at meeting the morning mindfully.

But that old habit only makes the mindful mornings sweeter. Here's my latest routine; A Bon Iver love ballad to wake me, a thermos of warm lemon water waiting at my bedside to sip on, feeling gratitude and abundance for everything from the tartness of the lemon to the sweetness of my visiting Mom. Fifteen min seated or walking meditation, then mindful movement for 40 minutes. Ahhh.... ready for the day. May you find ease and clarity in your morning, whether it is a mindful minute or an elaborate routine.

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