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Gaining Power through Yoga Ease

My last blog posting referred to true power - how, as a culture, we tend to think power only comes from hard work - not love, ease, awareness and stillness.

This past week I had a chance to feel true power for days on the ski hill with my 17 and 19-year-old daughters. It was the first year that they out-skied me, and the first year that I really was aware of my power and ease.

Maybe this came from a sense of joy and love as I followed them around, up and down the splendid Whistler Resort’s peaks. Some of this feeling may have been from a sense of letting go and of being satisfied to be 50 years old next month and be able to ski pain free with not much lag behind my teenagers.

Much of this power came from feeling integrated from my feet to my hips. My back did not tire, my hips and knees felt great. A good fatigue came to my quads and overall body when I hit the feathered bed at the end of the day. In years past I had a more aggressive fitness routine and now it is steeped in yoga therapy, in ease, in kindness to myself.

How is that I feel more powerful? If you want to find out, I am happy to help you step into your power.

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