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Considering a yoga retreat with Julie? 5 questions, answered

If you are new to the experience of retreats, or have never studied with me before, consider these five questions to help you decide if a yoga retreat could be your next step to an even more amazing life.

Can I call or connect with you before I pay?

As the lead teacher, I welcome a short chat by phone or video if you wish to talk about how I can meet your needs through this retreat experience. This can also be an important way for me to determine the fit of the overall group in terms of skills and expectations so that we can, together, craft an amazing experience that meets the needs of all participants.

Are other retreats occurring at the venue while we are there, or is it an exclusive experience?

My yoga retreats are all about deepening into relaxation, opening the heart and body, and finding a sense of safety on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The retreat locations are hand-picked by me, and include places I have personally been to and where I have conducted retreats before. My retreats hold the space for privacy and freedom to be yourself without having to interact with others outside your immediate retreat community.

Will I be asked to subscribe to a certain faith or dogma while at the retreat?

Your personal spiritual and philosophical beliefs are welcome. It’s my job to help you “come home” to your own truth. I introduce paths of spirituality, like Buddhism and yogic philosophy to show that the essence of these ancient teachings are not unique to one path. The meditations and all sessions are led from a secular perspective and you will not be asked to subscribe to dogma. One aspect of all my retreats is exploring the path of acceptance.

Can I easily bring home the skills I learn to apply to my post-retreat life?

A feeling of relaxation and contentment will be achieved in our beautiful retreat setting. While achieving this feeling away from everyday stressors is a retreat goal, I also feel it’s important to teach solid tools that you can use in everyday life, regardless of where you are. My goal is to give you an amazing retreat experience, but also prepare you to re-connect to the joy of the retreat, after you return to work, family and everyday life.

How can I find continued support after the retreat, once I am home?

I offer many options for post retreat follow-up in the form of distance one-on-one coaching, training, video clips or audio recordings. These tools have successfully helped other retreat participants stay on track with relative ease after a retreat experience. It’s my greatest joy to connect with my yoga tribe on an ongoing basis to continue what we learned together at a retreat. I hope you’ll consider joining my community!

Book your retreat early to assure your space. View this years' line-up here:

Certified Yoga Therapist and Teacher, Julie Seibt, has been leading international yoga retreats since 2009. The healing embrace of nature in a remote and spectacular location, nourishing local food, and transformative teachings allow individual practices to deepen within a community of kindness.

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