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Befriending our Constant Companion - Emotions

Like blackberries among twisted, thorny tangles of cane, opportunities poke through this year of pandemic, political strife, and environmental crisis.

At moments I am inspired to be the change so desperately needed in our world. At other times I drop into silent despair. Mostly I dance between the two. I imagine we share this dance.

Our experiences are unique and deeply personal and yet we are united, in one grand dance of life. Our perceived separation is an illusion. We are never alone, even when loneliness takes hold.

Perhaps we use the opportunity of this changed life to pivot to love and connection with other beings and the earth. We might nurture a garden, adopt a pet, or knead our secrets into dough, tucking and folding them into loving acceptance. Perhaps we claim our voices, too long quiet, and pirouette to action where we otherwise might have remained silently passive.

Through the opening up and shutting down, opportunities anew and lost, there is one essential piece of this human experience upon which we can rely.

It is a constant companion that we share and yet feels personal. As it walks alongside us in various forms, we befriend and deny it all day long. Denial disables us and inclines us to depression. Befriending this companion enables us to move through changing times with grace, presence and empowerment.

This constant, colourful companion is emotion.

Has there ever been a better opportunity than now to learn to navigate our emotional wilderness, without drowning or getting swept away? There’s certainly no shortage of emotional material to work with these days, from gratitude to fear; blackberries and brambles in abundance.

Developing our relationship with emotions enables us to move through frenetic, demanding days without burning out, and to thrive in times of surplus solitude.

If you and I have spent time together in-person or online, you’ve likely heard me say;

Feeling is healing. Put this to practice now with my e-book Befriending Emotions and accompanying guided meditation below.

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