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Breathe Better Now (Level 1)

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Your breath is your most accessible resource for health, vitality, and ultimately connection to your deepest Truth. Learn to work with your inner command centre of breath, to revitalize or calm yourself, reduce anxiety, increase focus, sleep better and improve digestion and weight regulation. Breathing exercises are not one-size-fits-all. The first step is getting to know your unique breath. Understanding your breath, as it is now, will empower you to customize your practice with efficient effectiveness. At the end of this free 7-day course you will: -know a variety of breathing postures and when to use them -understand limitations in your breath and how to clear them -learn an evidence-based breathing technique for health and healing -experience new ease in your body that will inspire you toward lifelong better breathing. -have a downloadable PDF of key practice tips -have access to Julie in a private online group -receive a copy of a pre-recorded live stream practice and Q&A session - qualify for Better Breathing Level 2 Find out for yourself by joining my challenge for one week of 12-minute daily practice. Cost: Free Pacing: 12 min/day x 7 days Location: online through Julie's website or mobile app Included each day: 7 x 12-minute practice videos, Integrative questions Content is not intended to replace medical advice. Photo credit: Tracy Wilkins Cohort #2, intakes beginning March 26, 2021

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