Yoga Therapy

Julie helping student Ease of body, ease of mind; in private sessions Julie draws from a wide variety of skills to help you connect to ease of body, mind and spirit.

You goals will be supported, whether they are to find meaning in your life, to ease pain in your shoulder or to help you golf or hike longer, stronger.

Modern and ancient wisdom meet as principles of kinesiology are applied to the compassionate practise of yoga. Gentle, mindful exercises begin the inquiry deep into your own biomechanics, often with surprising new insight into old patterns of pain, with refreshing results. Yoga Therapy is about you and tapping into your body's inner wisdom.

Julie draws variety of paths of meditation inlcuding iRest® Yoga Nidra to help you deepen you sense of connection and joy of life.

Is Yoga Therapy for Me?Whether you are experiencing recurring or chronic pain, emotional or sleep-related challenges, are recovering from injury or surgery,t feeling stiff, "stuck" in your yoga practice or limited in your golf swing, yoga therapy is here to help. Yoga therapy is for you...if you are willing to slow down, listen to your body's signals and do some home practice that is specific to you and your time availability. The results can come very quickly, often in just a few session. More stability, ease, strength and flexibility...what will you do with it?

These classes are for pre-registered participants who are taken through the principals of yoga therapy, step by step. We begin with discovering our breath and how our breathing affects other aspects of our mobility and well-being. We explore true inner core strength which is quite different than “six-pack abs” and dive deep into shoulder and hips function. If not working optimally, these two largest sets of joints are often the source of pain or disfunction elsewhere in the body. As each participant begins to understand these concepts related to their own body, we apply them to classic yoga postures.

Contact Julie to form a group class in your home or community.

The pre-requisite for private sessions is a willingness to get curious and really listen to your body for change and renewal. A commitment is required to an at-home program that fits with your schedule - whether it is 10 minutes, twice per week - or more. A private yoga therapy session runs 60 and may include meditation, depending on your preference and needs.  Clients are urged to stay within their pain-free  range of motion. To a yoga therapist, specific movements reveal which muscles are working that should be working, which are working that shouldn’t be (compensatory patterns), and which muscles are not working that should. It may sound complicated, but the body makes it simple with clear communication - we just have to be open enough to truly observe and feel. Years of old patterns and pain can be eased very quickly.

iRest® yoga nidra is offered to clients wanting support for deep inquiry into "who am I?", and "what is my purpose?" The understandings come from within the body experientially - without being asked to prescribe to any beliefs. Research shows this practice is proven effective for PTSD, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and in developing skills to being with the challenges of life with more ease and joy. (see for more information)

 An at-home program is customized to  fit your time availability, and your needs to effectively develop strength, stability and maximum range of motion. Ease of body, ease of mind.

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What People Are Saying about Julie & Body Mind Ease

For me the results have been very beneficial: more self compassion, greater self-acceptance, better stamina when biking, and a better golf swing.

-- Jan, Canmore

The few and simple exercises that she taught me were enough to move me out of pain and into more flexibility.

-- Carolyn, Hawaii

In addition to improving my posture and reducing my tightness and back pain, I now use my yoga as preparation for my other athletic activities. It has proven to be very beneficial before golf, running on the beach, using an eliptical trainer, or riding a stationary bike.

-- Les, Maryland