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Working with Julie has really helped me to get in touch with who I am. Being highly sensitive it was much easier to stuff than to deal with my emotions. Now I am be able to let them pass through or to use them to inform me what needs to be looked at and dealt with in my life. Learning to quickly tap into a deeper more grounded and centered place within me has been transformational. I smile and a laugh more!

Karen James, Harvie Heights, AB

Working with Julie in private online sessions has made a real difference in creating balance in my life. Through co-meditation healing work, Julie provides a real means of self discovery. For me, the distance provides convenience and  a certain safety where I feel more at ease to express true feelings, resulting in exposing many truths, aka 'aha moments' . In particular, this work has given me a softened outlook on myself and others and has helped create more richness in my personal relationships with both friends and family. I'm truly grateful for Julie’s abilities that help my authenticity blossom. 


- Michael H, San Francisco, CA

At the age of 75, Julie’s exercises changed my posture. It is something I’ve been trying to do for a very long time.

Bud Ettinger


Julie has brought my body back to life! I love the subtle engagement and relaxation of each mindful moment, of blissful breath, wondrous stretch and newfound body joy!


Margaret M, Sedona AZ, USA


Do more of what you love, longer into life.

I really loved the retreat. Julie's way of teaching has helped me to start on my journey to a meditation practice. The yoga was fabulous too. I will take a lot away with me. Thank you!

iRest at Home 17Oct19
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