Group Gentle Yoga Classes

Drop in Yoga class with Julie in CanadaEase into yoga, whether this is the first time you've unrolled a yoga mat, or you are an accomplished yogi. Flexibility is not required, a willingness to rest your mind and feel into your body is.

Julie draws from her diverse background of yoga styles for a class that encourages each person to listen to their body's inner wisdom. A balance of  movement, stillness, and supportive breathing bring lightness, energy and a feeling of spaciousness to students. Ease doesn't mean easy, it is simple moving without creating extra tension. No two classes are the same, as Julie draws from the needs of the group.

Group at drop in gentle yoga classMuch depends on your preferences, goals and what is arising at this time of your life. In group sessions,  Julie encourages each individual to honor their body and allow their inner teacher to shine. Group sessions are relaxing and subtly, often surprisingly strengthening. Clients often comment that the class felt deeply relaxing, but afterward they could feel in their body that they worked it well. Softness and strength makes for a sustainable, energizing strength.

Private sessions allow you to be fully met where you are in the moment, with acceptance and kindness. Whether the emphasis is on the physical, emotional or spiritual body, Julie understands that there is "nothing wrong" with any of us. Rather, our patterns of compensation, resistance and reactions reveal what is serving us well, and what is no longer needed.  Julie's skills, trained eye and her opening to intuitive understanding open the door for each client's wisdom and ease and to spring forth. Our body is always trying to find balance, we come into our power by developoing skills to choose our actions and responses with clarity. Julie empowers her clients to find those skilss within themselves.

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Is it for Me?Check in with Julie for class or private recommendations. All bodies are welcome; from those in wheelchairs to elite athletes. (and sometimes that means both!) All philosophical beliefs and faiths are welcome. Julie will not ask you perscribe to any particular belief system, but rather will set the stage for you to have your own experience in your unique way, controlled by you.

Schedules vary with season and workshop offerings. 

Or, drop into the Yoga Lounge in Canmore. Check the schedule at  When in Canmore, Julie usually teaches Wednesdays at 7pm and often substitutes other classes.

(note there are two Julies on the yoga lounge schedule, Julie Patterson and Julie Seibt. You can't go wrong! 




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