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This course is designed with purposeful and specific short practices to nourish you body, heart and mind. By the end of this course, you will have direct experience with the benefits of self-care.


Have you ever begun a meditation practice, but had trouble sticking with it?  This series of twenty one, 5-minute guided meditations will help you with consistency.


Warning: meditation can be habit-forming, especially after 21 days!

21 Meditations:

5-Minute Audio Recordings


A Celebration of Love

Love comes with a tapestry of emotions. For example, do you ever worry about your loved ones? Learn to acknowledge feelings that come with love so you can freely celebrate and welcome love in your life. Open to the love that you are.

Julie offers 3 components to this course:

-gentle movement practice as our bodies become a pointer to the love within.

-guided meditation to celebrate and welcome love

-worksheet for further self-inquiry




Education and inspiration on and off the mat.


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