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Body Mind Ease Yoga Retreats with Julie SeibtJulie Answeers 5 Questions about Her Retreats:

If you are new to the experience of retreats, or have never studied with me before, consider these five questions to help you decide if a yoga retreat could be your next step to an even more amazing life.

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Unplug, un-do, and unveil your inner self.

 In our common culture of 'doing more', a restorative retreat is a powerful way to find the balance and vitality we need to continue serving our  loved ones - our world - with joyous energy. What are the requirements for Julie's retreats? The healing embrace of nature in a remote and spactular location, nourishing food featuring local products, rich and tranformatve teachings,  space to allow individual spiritual practices to deepen and a community of kindness. Dream deep and live your dreams.

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